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Gifs, icons, playlists, graphics, you need it made and I'll fucking make it, bro. Check the to do list before you request. Need something done that isn't listed above? Ask me about it. All content tagged with "my [blank]" is made by me. Even if it's from a different account.

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100 small HQ Gifs of Abigail Breslin in Haunter

  • These gifs have been made for roleplay purposes.
  • DO NOT repost them, claim them as your own, or use in other gif hunts.
  • If you want to used them for graphics and crackship gifs that’s fine with me.
  • These gifs do not have watermarks, but they are all made by me
  • Please like or reblog if you’re going to use them!

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As i promised, here is my theme. feel free to use it as long as you follow the rules that can be found on my themepage.

black version: livepreview & code

white version: livepreview & code

3 custom links, 400px posts, hidden caption (that shows on the permalink page), hover info, 200px sidebar image.

links:  more themes by draculahs, theme network

remember, it’s highly appreciated if you like and/or reblog this post if you like the theme or plan on using it! :) 

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Why haven't you been doing your requests?

Because I have this blog to store my gifs and such, and to make gifs for others when I feel like it. WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT. I’ll get to my requests when I get to them. No one’s going to die because they don’t have their ten gifs of Ashley Benson or whoever. I’m a roleplayer first.

Plus, I’ve been working on huge original never before seen gif packages of my favorite fc’s to release. Haven’t decided if I’m going to yet, though. Just because I’ve seen how much things have been getting stolen.

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Writing Sample

Character: Lyra Peterson

Roleplay: highminds-rpg

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Emile Hirsch and Juno Temple in Killer Joe

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Moral Alignments are a device used and developed by Dungeons & Dragons, but I believe they give your character an added dimension. This guide is in how I view the Moral Alignment tool, as, with everything, one can perceive the different groups as you wish. Moral Alignments is probably the most direct and easy way to learn about how your character perceives the world, acts in it, reacts to it, and their personal values; it dictates all these things, and this guide will explain to you how it will manifest, and hopefully, it will be more widely used in the RP community. THIS GUIDE WAS REQUESTED BY BITTERSWEET1x1.

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Feeling of Being was inspired by this graphic I saw that had a very vintage feel to it and similar formatting to the center portion of this graphic. I wanted to make something simple that could be used in many ways and for many different roleplays. 

The fonts used are Southern Aire and Edition. Do not make new layers for the text portions of this graphic because I’ve gone in and edited the font a bit in photoshop. Just go ahead and click on the layers to change the text. You will need two face claim pictures, one shoulders up and looking at the camera, and one full length and looking away from the camera. The second image you will copy and flip horizontally so that it has a mirror image effect. You’re welcome to experiment with the balance here, and try different things. I do recommend getting them from the same photoshoot, as I’ve done above, so that the coloring lays over it similarly and the images look as though they belong together.

I’s fairly simple to edit, as long as you don’t move any of the layers around, and have a basic understanding of clipping masks. (Both the left and right image are clipping masks). Feel free to edit it, and if you do, I’d love to see what you did. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE.

You can download this psd here. Please like or reblog if you are downloading, as this took me a lot of time to make. Do not claim as your own, although slight editing is allowed. If you need any help, you can ask me here.

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theme 06 / trying to be cool preview ☆ pastebin download 

please like or reblog if you use, thank you!

  • one custom link on the sidebar
  • 500px posts
  • popup navigation with all customization options on the customize page including six links and a description
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Juno Temple in Killer Joe

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Juno Temple in Afternoon Delight

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